“At the end of the day your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”



Music Therapy with Miss Taryn and Mr. Miles from Musical Arts

Young children awaken to their world through creativity, imagination, and play. In this music enrichment program, children will build trust, self-esteem and self-confidence, experience creative self-expression, explore and master a sense of control through musical play, and foster meaningful relationships with peers. Children have opportunities to sing, play instruments, dance and move to music and of course have a lot of fun! www.Musicalarts.org.


Yoga with Ms. Carolyn from the Fitness Cube

Ms. Carolyn, visits weekly to work with the children. Yoga for children promotes self-awareness, resilience and self-confidence, the foundations of exceptional learning and a lifetime of health and wellness. Carolyn has been working with children for 10 years doing yoga, leaving the children at peace and empowered, all while having fun! www.Thefitnesscube.com


Spanish Classes with Miss Amy

Each week and throughout the day, children have the opportunity to learn Spanish. In class, children use the Spanish language to play games, sing songs, role play, do movements and make art. Each activity is designed to stimulate all their senses using the material in a way that makes sense.

The emphasis is on practical and functional communication. Therefore, games and activities simulate situations that require real-life, common sense usage. Learning a second language can take work, time, and perseverance, but in the right environment, it can also be a lot of fun!


UNH Marine Docents Rocky Shore Program

Children have the opportunity for detailed examination and handling of many of the common live seaweeds and invertebrates that inhabit the different areas of the intertidal zone between the low and high tide lines. In addition to seeing a diversity of red, green and brown seaweeds, students will also get to observe such organisms as snails (periwinkles and dog whelks), sea stars, sea urchins, and green & Asian shore crabs, among others. www.seagrant.unh.edu


Gardening at School

Using the Early Sprouts curriculum, our three garden beds and berry bushes children are introduced to gardening and healthy eating.

Planting the seeds for healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. This curriculum encourages children to eat more vegetables by growing, harvesting and preparing organically grown foods. www.earlysprouts.org


Field Trips

Throughout the year we visit various places in the community. Each year we visit specific places and also introduce new place based on the curriculum project we are studying.

Emery Farm in Durham, NH is the oldest family farm in the country, having been in the same family since 1660. Each Fall the children have the opportunity to take a fall wagon ride, stroll through the corn maze, pick up a pumpkin, and visit with the animals. www.emeryfarm.com



Children’s Museum of NH  provides children the opportunity to visit the exhibits including Build It, Fly it, Cave Explorers, Cochecosystem, Dino Detective, First Impressions, Music Matrix, Post Office and the Yellow Submarine. Pre-Kindergarten classes also participate in an in-depth workshop on a focused topic. www.childrens-museum.org



Wagon Hill. Ending our school year, we take a trip to this scenic vista. Children have the opportunity to explore the historic wagon, view the community garden plots, trailblaze through the mowed trails and oak forests, and play along the shoreline.



Dover Public Library Monthly the children walk down to the library to pick books to bring back to their class, visit with the animals, make crafts, and build with the provided materials. www.dover.nh.gov

Other places we have visited include PetCo, UNH Dairy Barn, Post Office, LaFesta, Police Station, Demeritt Apple Orchard, Tendercrop Farm, and many more.


Registration Forms

Our Parent Handbook below will provide you everything you need to know about your child’s new learning environment. Also below are the necessary forms to start the process of enrolling your child into Stay and Play Early Learning Center.

After you have downloaded the forms and filled them out, you can either mail them in, drop them off or email them to l.sheehan@stay-play.com.