Early Learning

Our program and goals for the children at Stay & Play Early Learning Center are based on experiential education, which allows children to explore their environment using a “hands on” approach. We give children the opportunity to experience a number of developmentally appropriate activities, both in and out of the classroom. Throughout the day, activities are balanced between quiet and active, child and teacher intiated, and children are motivated to explore and learn through play. Throughout the month; the children will have opportunities to participate in sensory, art, music, science, math, language, and cooking activities, as well as field trips. We expose the children to concepts including shapes, colors and quantities, and help them develop social skills. Above all, we try to instill a sense of independence and self-accomplishment in each child.

Young children have a limited attention span and a need to explore their environment. Each day is a different experience for the children at Stay & Play. Staff will encourage children to participate in group activities and will take cues from your child regarding his or her preferences.  We follow a set schedule; however, as the day progresses, we may make changes to meet the children’s needs.

Daily Schedule: 

8:00-9:00                Arrival & Table ActivitiesJulien (3)

9:10-9:40                  Group Time

9:45-10:15                Snack, Bathroom

10:00-10:55             Teacher and Child- Intiated Activities

11:00-11:55               Outdoor & Gross Motor (weather permitting-everyone goes out)

12:00                         Lunch (Half day children depart)

12:30-2:45                 Rest – Nap or quiet activities

2:45-3:10                   Snack, Bathroom, Books

3:15-4:00                   Outdoor & Gross Motor

4:00-5:00                   Self-Directed Play

Multi Age Groups and continuous care:

Our multiage program allows for better academic and social development.  Children tend to have better self concepts and more positive attitudes towards school when they have the opportunity to engage in more complex social play and dialogue between friends of various ages.  Younger children learn from older children verbal communication and social actions.  Multiage groups fosters prosocial behaviors including sharing, responsibility, and caring for the whole group.

The multi age group also allows for continuous care.  Continuity of care is important to a child’s emotional development.  Children build relationships with peers and teachers that grow throughout their time here. Children ages 18 months to five years develop trust in their caregivers by continuing to have the same caregiver during the time at Stay & Play.