It is the mission of Stay & Play Early Learning Center to provide an interactive, safe, and stimulating environment and high level of quality care to children of all backgrounds regardless of socioeconomic status and/or ability.


It is the philosophy of Stay & Play Early Learning Center that early childhood should be filled with love, fun, and discovery.  Children should have opportunities to engage in experiences that are interesting and hands on, enhancing growth and development.


To promote and respect the opinions, perspectives, diversity, and individualism of the children, families, and staff.

To offer a supportive environment for the growth of children, families, and staff that allows for open communication and collaboration on hopes and dreams for the children and program.

To continue to build a program that enriches the lives of children, families, and staff by offering opportunities for exploration, adventure, discovery, and imagination filled with care, warmth, and love.

To encourage relationships that are meaningful throughout the families, program, and community.

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